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The Kuok Foundation is a non-profit charitable institution
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The Kuok Foundation’s main objectives are:
To foster, develop and improve education of all kinds and in such manner as may from time to time be decided upon by the Foundation, including the founding and maintaining of scholarships and chairs at schools, colleges and universities.
To subscribe and grant donations to any cause, person, corporation, institution or organization and to grant study loans to students for higher education.
To contribute towards scientific research and teaching and to provide medical and surgical facilities and services of all kinds.
To organize, carry out and support schemes for the relief of human suffering, improvement of the standard of human life and the treatment of sickness and diseases.
To assist, aid and give relief to the poor and needy who by reason of age, ill-health, misfortune or infirmity are wholly or in part unable to maintain themselves and their dependents by their own exertions and in particular widows and orphans, victims of fire, floods, famine, war or calamity and those in need of moral or social rehabilitation or welfare. Provided that the person who is to be the object of such relief is a suitable and worthy object of such relief or appears capable of deriving permanent benefit, bearing in mind that the object of this endowment is the encouragement of self-help and rehabilitation of those in temporary or inevitable distress and not the encouragement of idleness or vice.
To support health, sporting and recreational activities by donating towards hospitals, sanatorium or other institutions for developing, maintaining and regaining bodily or mental health and strength.

Main Objectives